How long does it take to attach and remove the wings?

Attaching and removing the wings are both 5-10 minute processes.  There is an electric plug on each wing for the lights, and 2 lines on the right wing for the pitot tube.  Once in place, the wings are secured to the fuselage with 2 bolts that run through both spars.  A latch in the fuselage by the rear of each wing then slides into place ensuring that the flaperon controls are in place.

Do I need a license to fly the SD-1 Minisport?

SkyCraft’s SD-1 Minisport is S-LSA Certified, which means it falls into the FAA’s “Light Sport Aircraft” category.  This requires a Sport Pilot License to fly, which is easier and less expensive to obtain than a Private Pilot License.  More information on this is posted on our Learn to Fly page.

What types of airports can the SD-1 fly out of?

The SD-1 Minisport is a versatile aircraft, capable of taking off in 220 feet and landing in 500 feet.  The SD-1 is suitable for use on dirt, gravel, and grass runways, as well as any of the thousands of airports open for the General Aviation public.  The only restriction for the SD-1 is that the optional Mode S Transponder is required to fly into Class B and C airspace, where air traffic is most condensed.

How much does insurance for the SD-1 Minisport cost?

Full damage and liability coverage for the SD-1 Minisport costs around $135 a month.  Liability insurance alone can cost as little as $20 a month.

How do I get checked out to fly the SD-1 Minisport?

Thanks to its forgiving flight characteristics and basic operational controls, the SD-1 Minisport requires minimal specialized training.  However, we highly recommend flying time in other Light Sport Aircraft to get a feel for the responsiveness and float characteristics of a light plane.  For insurance purposes, getting checked out for the SD-1 depends on its configuration.  A tailwheel SD-1 requires 25 hours in a similar tailwheel aircraft for checkout, and a tri-gear SD-1 just requires a checkout to competency in a similar Light Sport Aircraft.

Will I fit in the airplane?

Maximum pilot weight in the SD-1 Minisport is 230 lbs, and maximum pilot height is 6’4″.  We recommend that pilots near these dimensions try out sitting in an SD-1 to test their fit.

Where can I see an SD-1 Minisport in person?

SkyCraft is located at 1720 W Business Park Dr. in Orem, Utah, and we happily welcome visitors.  We also do our best to bring the SD-1 Minisport to as many areas of the country as we can.

How long does it take between order and completion of my airplane?

Currently there is a 3 month expected lead time between order and completion of the aircraft.

How do I get my airplane once it is completed?

You have a few options for receiving your aircraft when it is completed:

1)  Fly it out: SkyCraft will deliver your aircraft within 50 miles of our Orem, UT facility.  There are seven public airports within this range that you would then be able to fly your SD-1 Minisport out of.

2)  Pick it up:  You can pick up your airplane at our facility either with your own trailer or with the optional customized enclosed trailer that we offer.

3)  Ship it:  SkyCraft will ship you your SD-1 in a crate with the wings and elevator detached.  Reattaching the wings and elevator after delivery takes about a half an hour.