Learn to Fly

The affordability of SkyCraft Airplanes has opened up the world of flight to millions of people who could not afford to fly before.  Much of this is due to the low initial cost, the removable wings, and the fuel efficiency of the SD-1 Minisport.  However in addition to this, the airplane also qualifies as a Light Sport Aircraft, meaning the certification process in learning to fly it is much easier than most planes.  This stems from the FAA’s creation of the Sport Pilot category in 2004, which has made the process of learning to fly easier and more affordable for everyone. The industry trend is clearly headed in the right direction!  Thanks to the combination of all of this, learning to fly is now likely feasible for you.  We’d like to help out by guiding you through the process as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

What is a Sport Pilot License?

A Sport Pilot License (SPL) grants you the basic privileges of being a pilot.  Compared to the Private Pilot License (PPL), the certification process covers fewer aspects of flight by eliminating some of the curriculum that is not initially necessary in learning to fly.  Because of this, the SPL has restrictions that a PPL does not.  These are the main restrictions:

  • Flying at night
  • Flying for compensation or hire
  • Flying more than 1 passenger
  • Flying in Class A, B, C, or D airspace (endorsement needed)

For a more complete list of privileges and restrictions, check out the EAA’s Sport Pilot Site.

How much does a Sport Pilot License Cost?

The total cost of getting a Sport Pilot License ranges from around $3,000 – $5,000.  This value will vary a lot based on where you get your flight instruction, what type of ground school you take, how fast of a learner you are, and how much time you are able to devote to the flight training process.

What are the Requirements in Obtaining a Sport Pilot’s License?

Anyone that is 17 years or older with a valid U.S. Driver’s License is eligible to become a Sport Pilot.  Beyond this, obtaining your Sport Pilot Certificate consists of the following:

  • Passing the FAA Sport Pilot Knowledge Test.
  • Accruing a minimum number of Flight Training hours (see here).
  • Passing the FAA’s Practical Test (which consists of both an oral exam and a flying test).

For a complete list of Certification Requirements, check out the AOPA’s summary of the FAA Regulatory Brief regarding Sport Pilot Certification.