Ethanol-Resistant Fuel System Added to the SD-1.

The SD-1 Minisport already burns less fuel than any other Light Sport Aircraft – just 1.8 gph.  Since it runs on 91-octane automotive gas, the SD-1’s operational cost is just $12 an hour factoring in fuel, oil, and overhaul. Until now however, the SD-1 has only been able to use ethanol-free gasoline.  In many places, ethanol-free gasoline can be inconvenient to obtain.

In order to allow for the most convenient and affordable fueling options, SkyCraft has re-equipped the SD-1 Minisport with a fuel system that is resistant to ethanol.  Pilots will now be able to fill the SD-1 with premium unleaded from any gas station.  For cross-country flights that require refueling at an airport, the SD-1 can still run on 100LL avgas with a TCP additive.  This gives pilots maximum flexibility when filling their aircraft.