SD-1 Insurable for Under $20 a Month.

The SD-1 Minisport has been widely recognized for its groundbreaking affordability in both initial and operational costs.  Recently SkyCraft added to this record by offering a free 500-hour top-end engine overhaul, as well as a free 600-hour propeller replacement.  SkyCraft is now pleased to announce that the SD-1 Minisport can be insured with minimum liability coverage totaling just $200 a year, which covers up to $1,000,000 in bodily injury and property damage.  This adds only $2.50 an hour to the plane’s real cost of ownership based on 80 hours a year flown by the average S-LSA.  Complete hull coverage can be added for $1,375 a year, putting the monthly cost of a fully covered SD-1 at just over $130.

The checkout process for the SD-1 Minisport is simple due to its highly docile and forgiving flight characteristics.  Those looking to insure themselves in a tailwheel SD-1 will need 25 hours in a similar tailwheel aircraft, while those checking out for the tri-gear configuration will need an endorsement to competency in a similar light aircraft.  The SD-1 Minisport requires very little specialized instruction due to its simple controls and predictable flight behavior.

SkyCraft has worked hard towards its mission of creating a truly affordable, high performance aircraft.  The ease and cost of insurance is yet another victory in this mission.