Financing Now Available for the SD-1 Minisport.

Our mission at SkyCraft is to bring the joy and freedom of flying to as many people as possible.  The biggest challenge with this goal is bringing the cost of flying down without compromising on the performance or safety of the aircraft.  SkyCraft has been able to release the SD-1 Minisport at a price that is an LSA-best for affordability, standard with top-of-the-line features.  The SD-1 has made strides in reducing operational costs as well with its exceptional fuel efficiency, removable wings for trailer storage, low insurance costs, free engine and propeller overhauls, and ability to run on unleaded automotive gas.  Continuing this trend, SkyCraft is happy to announce that the SD-1 Minisport can be financed at terms that make it more affordable than ever.

With a 50% down payment on an aircraft, the SD-1 can now be financed for as low as 4.5% APR with terms up to 6 years.  This allows buyers to own the SD-1 Minisport for as little as $475 a month.  For an SD-1 equipped with the optional Ballistic Parachute and Mode S Transponder, minimum monthly payments are $530 a month.


Current lead times between deposit and delivery of the SD-1 are 3-4 months.  Aircraft production at SkyCraft is well underway, with deliveries pending S-LSA certification.