SkyCraft Completes Flight Test Program for SD-1 Minisport.

After a long winter and spring dodging the Utah weather, SkyCraft’s SD-1 Minisport has completed flight testing successfully, meeting all the performance requirements needed for S-LSA Certification.  The plane was found to have good longitudinal and latitudinal stability and exhibited no issues with flutter, vibrations, or dangerous stall/spin tendencies.  SkyCraft was able to verify the highly impressive performance specifications for the SD-1 achieved by its Czech designers.  Updated specifications are now available on the SD-1 Minisport page.


In addition to ensuring the aircraft’s compliance with ASTM standards, SkyCraft’s Flight Test Program focused on the pilot experience of flying the SD-1 Minisport.  Based on flight testing reports, SkyCraft will be updating the interior layout of the aircraft prior to delivery to customers.  The most significant change will be the elimination of the MGL gauges for a more fully integrated Dynon setup.  This cleaner instrument panel will make the SD-1 more user-friendly and will also allow the aircraft to take advantage of more of the Dynon glass cockpit capabilities.  This change also makes the airplane safer since the Dynon SkyView is backed up with a 2-hour emergency power supply.  SkyCraft is committed to delivering a safe, comfortable, and fun flying experience, and we are now fully confident that the SD-1 Minisport provides exactly this.

Completion of flight testing is a significant achievement in SkyCraft’s ultimate goal of certifying the SD-1 Minisport as an S-LSA aircraft.  With the performance, design, and production of the SD-1 all ASTM-compliant, SkyCraft is very close to achieving its goal.