SkyCraft Airplanes Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments.

Bitcoin Logo

The digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin has gradually gained traction over the last few years as a viable payment method for goods and services online.  Just in the past few months, the number of companies accepting Bitcoin has jumped following an explosion in the value and popularity of Bitcoin.  At SkyCraft, we have watched the development of the currency closely, and we are now ready to accept payments for our airplanes in Bitcoin.

The General Aviation industry has struggled in recent decades with increasing costs, outdated technology, and an aging pilot population.  These issues are the basis of SkyCraft’s mission – to bring safe, affordable, high performance flight to everyone. We have succeeded already in building the most affordable Light Sport Aircraft on the market; equipped with the latest in aviation technology and designed with impressive performance and safety features. Our decision to accept Bitcoin is fueled by our desire to bring General Aviation into the 21st century, and to spark interest in flying to Bitcoin holders who may not have already become familiar with its beauty.

The SkyCraft SD-1 Minisport is the first aircraft that can be bought with Bitcoin. At the current exchange rate, the SD-1 can be purchased for just under 80 BTC, with only a 2.85 BTC deposit required to hold a production slot. All Bitcoin transactions are securely processed using Bitpay through the Buy A Plane page.

We hope this will signify an important moment for both the future of General Aviation and the future of Bitcoin.